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When you coming by Car
Please park your Car at front side of Apartments.


When you coming by Train and Bus.
From Tokyo station to Iiyama station coming by Bullet Train (Hakutaka).

From Iiyama station to Madarao 30min by Bus.
Please jump off Bus at last Bus stop

`Madarao Kogen Hotel`
Time Table
We wil coming and pick you up by our Shuttle Bus.
Please Let us know arrival time.
Contact +81 9044617354
Phone call / WhatsApp

Main entrance is open
You can open the Door.

Please let us know when you arrive.
Our Staff coming and help you.


At Entrance Area

Please take off your Shoes at entrance.
You can open your Luggage and Leave Ski/Snowboard gears here.


About your Room

You Room located on 2nd floor.
So please coming up and Right ride door.

How to open the Door

​1.Please push Black button first.

2.Please push all of Number.

   This is random.

3.Coming us another all of Numbers again.

   Then please push Pass.

   We will send you this Number when your arrive.

Please contact here if you have any problems.

Contact +81 9044617354Phone call / WhatsApp

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